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Embrace the Mandalorian warrior spirit with this meticulously detailed Sabine Wren helmet from the Ahsoka series! Crafted to perfection, this 3D model is optimized for 3D printing, allowing you to bring Sabine's iconic helmet to life and add a touch of rebellion to your cosplay or display collection.
* High-resolution 3D model, designed with accuracy and faithfulness to the original Ahsoka series design.
* Visor cutouts and vents included, providing realism and enhancing comfort if used as a wearable prop.
* Separate parts designed for easier printing, assembly, and post-processing.
* Scalable for various head sizes.
* STL files with proper thickness and manifold geometry, ensuring optimal 3D printing results.
* File Format: STL
* Layer Height: Recommended 0.1mm for finer details
* Print Bed Size: At least 300 x 30pmm
* Printing Material: PLA, ABS, or other preferred filament
* Estimated Print Time: Depending on your 3D printer's speed and settings
Printing Recommendations:
* Infill: 15-20% for a balance between strength and weight
* Support Material: Only necessary for certain parts like the visor and vents
* Print Orientation: Optimized orientations provided for each part in the STL files

SABINE WREN | helmet | Ahsoka | Mandalorian 3d print model

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