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This offering is a finished  helmet inspired by Star Wars episode IX

Helmet will be chromed with translucent glowing red marks 


This version consists of the following features:

- handmade of resin

- precise measurements

- all based on screen-used references.

Helmet from photo is without faceplates, BUT finish helmet of course will have faceplate installed .



Helmet is painted or chromed and weathered, it's wearable but do NOT contain PADDING inside.



-Finished  - with mirror chrome finish on stripes

Finish on this helmet is very durable, we use high quality resin which can take a lot and it's not easy to break. Plus we use high quality paints, so finish on helmet is strong as car paint;)




shipping may take over 14 working days




Item is shipped within 6 or 8 weeks, worldwide.

Kylo Ren Episode 9 helmet Supreme Leader

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