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Introducing the ultimate 3D model of Han Solo frozen in carbonite, meticulously crafted and divided into 15 highly detailed parts for enhanced realism and ease of printing. This iconic scene from the Star Wars saga can now be recreated in your own home with stunning accuracy.


High-Quality Detailing: Each part of this 3D model captures the intricate details of Han Solo's frozen form, including the lifelike texture, facial expression, and carbonite freezing effects.
15-Part Division: The model is thoughtfully divided into 15 individual pieces, allowing for ease of printing and assembly. Each part is optimized for hassle-free 3D printing without compromising on quality.
Realistic Representation: This model is designed to accurately reflect the original carbonite scene from the Star Wars universe. From Han Solo's pose to the contours of the carbonite block, every aspect has been meticulously recreated.
Scale Customization: The 3D model can be easily scaled to your desired size, allowing you to adjust it to fit your specific needs. Whether you prefer a compact display or a larger centerpiece, this model can accommodate your preferences.
Print Compatibility: The 3D model is provided in universally compatible file formats, including .STL and .OBJ, ensuring it can be used with a wide range of 3D printers and slicer software.
Assembly Instructions: Along with the model files, comprehensive assembly instructions are provided, guiding you through the process of joining the 15 parts seamlessly. The instructions are easy to follow, making this project suitable for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.
Bring the galaxy far, far away into your living space with this extraordinary 3D model of Han Solo in carbonite. Perfect for Star Wars fans, collectors, or anyone who appreciates exceptional craftsmanship, this model promises to be a stunning addition to your display or a fantastic gift for a fellow enthusiast.

Note: This is a digital product, and no physical item will be shipped. You will need access to a 3D printer and basic knowledge of 3D printing and assembly to create the final product.

Han Solo in Carbonite |Star Wars| Empire Strikes Back|3d Print model

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