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This offering is a Helmet of Clone Trooper helmet with 332nd paintjob, inspired by Star Wars Revenge of the Sith

This version consists of the following features:

- handmade of resin 

- precise measurements 

- all based on screen-used references.


Helmet is made out of strong and durable resin designed for making helmets. Which can become very handy during Cons and cosplay. Helmet is painted with high quality paints. Layers on layers are covered to get closer to screen used prop. It's amazing piece which can complete your cosplay/costume or it can be "Fine addition to your collection"

The helmet is wearable but does NOT have padding inside!



 shipping may take over 14 working days



Item is shipped within 8-10 weeks worldwide.

Clone Trooper helmet 332nd | Ahsoka Tano trooper

180,00€ Regular Price
153,00€Sale Price
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